Uczymy, jak żyć w zgodzie ze sobą.


Slow Talks

Slowtalks.pl is a place where we publish our e-publications about self-development, travels and art. We are the authors, we mean Joanna and Tomas, and those three categories are essential about our lifes.


Joanna over the years works with self-development and helps people to build more self awareness. During last 7 years she worked like a lider in IT sector and was responsible for process improvement, increasing efficiency and commitment. Currently she supports individuals and companies by mentoring about it. Each tuesday she shares content about self-development and selfawerness as a part of the Slowletter project.


llustrator with a passion for design & art director, traveler. Constructs works connected illustrated forms that form a conceptual whole. Illustrations appear in complex branding projects, books and magazines, urban space, posters and in self projects. Uses modern media and techniques, but support traditional artistic methods. He shared his knowledge and experience as a lecturer and workshop leader.

About us

In september 2020 we moved out from Poland and now we are Digital Nomads. We live around the world and our goals are hot places with palmtrees. We started our journey from Zanzibar. We celebrate slow life, like to eat well and drink good coffee, love cats and discover inspirational places. We learn to be here and now.

Social Media

We are generally on Instagram, but we also run a blog and YouTube channel, and we called Small Travellers.

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