Uczymy, jak żyć w zgodzie ze sobą.

Slow Talks Cards


In order to find the right answers, asking the right questions is necessary. It is often the easiest questions that carry huge power, even if we are not aware of that. This is why, I’m giving you those 100 cars with questions, which will hopefully be thought-provoking, help you get your thoughts straight, and take care of your relationships – with yourself and your loved ones. The cards are divided into 5 categories:

• Daily Talks
• Talks With Yourself
1 to 1 Conversation


About this project

Asking questions is supposed to give food for thought, make us more reflective, allow us to discover something unnoticeable in everyday life, and to identify pent-up emotions. Furthermore, it encourages us to explore the factors that stop us from making changes and helps us, at least partially, cope with the fear of bad decisions and changes. Questioning is simply a provocation and an invitation to a discussion.

Draw a question

When selecting a question, we introduced an element of randomness, to imitate the moment of pulling the card out of the pack. We also threw in simple navigation through the categories.

Szczegóły techniczne

Product is available in .pdf format and contains 139 pages. The link to download the Cards is active for 90 days and you can download it 10 times.

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